1. Psicolorama - Mr. Moog 
2. Strunz and Farah - Amazonas 
3. Gaelic Storm - Marching Free 
  Guest Host: Marty Dorfman from The Waiting Room 
4. Freedom To Glide - Wind and Gales 
5. The Samurai Of Prog - After The Echoes 
6. Electric Asturias - Tangram Paradox 
  Guest Host: The Gribshnobler from The GribCast 
7. John Demarkis - Music Of The Sun 
8. Genesis - Can-Utility and the Coastliners 
9. Magma - Zombies 
  Guest Host: Kevin Mulryne from The Yes Music Podcast 
10. Yes - Starship Trooper 
11. Yes - I Am Waiting 
12. Yes - Children Of Light: A.Children Of Light - B. Lifeline 
  Guest Host: Lisa Cook from The Music Pit 
13. Def Leppard - Animal 
14. Avenged Sevenfold - Welcome To The Family 
15. To The Pain - Seven 
  Guest Host: Mark Ashby from Progtopia and The Prog Squad 
16. Forgotten Suns - Fortress Of Silence 
17. The Mariana Hollow - The Line Of Fire And Blood 
18. Hemina - Strength 
  Guest Host: JD from Closer To The Edge 
19. Steve Wilson - Perfect Life 
20. Yes - Close To The Edge 
21. Transatlantic - Black As The Sky 
  Roman comes back to close with... 
22. Steve Howe - The Nature Of The Sea 

​Host - Roman Guzman

Producer - Paul Doty

Production Assistant -Ryan Guzman

Track List


EPISODE 38 - The Others

Air Date 7-26-2015
Much like Willy Wonka, Roman opens his gates once a year to fellow podcasters and internet radio people. Unlike Willy Wonka, he doesn't try to kill them off one by one.

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