​EPISODE 44 - Ticket Please...

Air Date 1-29-16
Roman was supposed to be putting the baby to bed,

instead he checks out the latest from Ticket To The Moon. Someone is going to be cranky in the morning.

​EPISODE 43 - The Lost Chord
Air Date 1-15-16
The Lost Chord Award Concert is coming to Berkeley.

Roman plays music from some of the artists and chats with some of the people involved.  

​EPISODE 42 - Ro Mans Land
Air Date 11-20-2015 
Roman won a little money with a lottery ticket his wife knew nothing about;

spent it all on music… here are some of the results.

​EPISODE 41 - Under The Covers II
Air Date 9-16-2015 
Once again Roman goes cover tune crazy with this eclectic mix of artists

doing all kinds of genre bending versions of great songs.

​EPISODE 40 - Time Machine 1982 
Air Date 8-29-2015 
Roman celebrates the 80’s with the third installment of the 80’s Prog Rock Extravaganza!

Relive the music of 1982 without the silly haircuts and acid wash jeans.

EPISODE 39 - Into The Night

Air Date 8-16-2015 
Back from a short vacation; Roman plays some new stuff from some of his favorite artists. 

EPISODE 38 - The Others
Air Date 7-5-15
Join us as we celebrate the life and music of an amazing musician. Tributes from members of CIRCA, Glass Hammer, Molly Hatchet, 41Point9, Hipnostic, Strunz & Farah and a very special tribute by Billy Sherwood

EPISODE 37 - The Chris Squire Tribute
Air Date 7-5-15
Join us as we celebrate the life and music of an amazing musician. Tributes from members of CIRCA, Glass Hammer, Molly Hatchet, 41Point9, Hipnostic, Strunz & Farah and a very special tribute by Billy Sherwood.

EPISODE 36 - The Breaking Of Roman's World
Air Date 6-14-15 Length 2:35:19
Roman plays many tracks from the latest Glass Hammer CD “The Breaking of the World”. Plus the very best in Progressive Rock, Celtic and World Music.

EPISODE 35 - Knocking On My Chamber Door
Airdate - 6/7/14  Length - 2:37:30
Roman’s World has been added to the roster at Raven Radio. Tune in every Sunday at 1:PM (PST) at ravenradio.co. Here is our first Raven Radio show…

Episode 34 - Stickmen, Tramps and Brians
Airdate - 5/12/15  Length - 2:03:36
The Stick Men are touring the world and Roman is hoping to score tickets by dedicating a show to them. It’s The Roman’s World Stick Men Special along with Glass Hammer, Abel Ganz, The Angry Brians and more.

Episode 33 - The Lost Trevor Rabin Interview
Airdate - 5/5/15  Length - 1:48:36
Thought to be lost forever, this interview with Trevor Rabin was found by a fisherman (and part time Liza Minnelli impersonator) in the attic of a small cottage in the hills of Copenhagen. Restored over the course of a year by Hawaiian monks in a war-torn bakery in northern Quebec, it is now available to the world.  Enjoy


​​​Episode 32 - The St. Patrick's Day Episode   Air Date 3-13-15
What does a big Mexican Guy and Celtic music have in common? Nothing! But Roman loves it anyway.

Grab a pint and join the party as Roman goes crazy with music that sounds NOTHING like the mariachis he grew up with! 

​​Episode 31 - The MoonJune Cafe  Air Date 3-4-15
A new show and a new place to hang out.

The MoonJune Café has opened in Roman’s World. Come in, sit down and listen to the music…

Episode 30 - Time Machine 1981  Air Date 2-10-15

Roman celebrates the 80’s with the second installment of the 80’s Prog Rock Extravaganza!

Relive the music of 1981 without the silly haircuts and acid wash jeans.

Episode 29 - Minutes Before Bedtime  Air Date 1-27-15
Roman locked himself in his studio with the new Seconds Before Landing CD

while his wife does the bedtime routine with the baby.

It’s easier to pretend you can’t hear someone calling you if the music is really loud.

Episode 27 - Wondrous Stories Part II  Air Date 12-33-14
It’s story time again in Roman’s World. Brush your teeth, wash your face

and get into your jammies as Roman and his baby girl

share a bedtime story and lots of great music.

Episode 26 - And This Time I Mean It Air Date 11-28-14

In Episode 25 Roman said he was going to give away a Billy Sherwood CD.

Well, he forgot. Not only does he remember this time but he also plays lots of

Peter Gabriel, new Alan Parsons, new Jon Anderson
and lot’s more cool stuff.

Episode 25 - The One At The Coffee Shop Air Date 11-4-14

Roman takes a coffee break with his son, David, to look back at the previous 24 episodes.
His son is a good boy but would it kill him to pick up a check every once in awhile? 

Episode 24 - I'm Levin It! Air Date 8-27-14 
The one and only Tony Levin visits Roman’s World for a nice,
long conversation about The Levin Brothers CD.
Every single song in this episode has Tony Levin on the bass.
It’s more Levin than you can shake a stick at. Also, Roman’s daughter won’t share her candy. Enjoy…

Episode 23 - I Don't Even Play Tennis! Air Date 8-14-14
Roman is hopped up on pain killers but still manages to broadcast a new show.
Riversea, Oxhuitza and Morph all make their first appearances on Roman’s World.
Also new to the podcast is Eric Scott. Check it out man…

Episode 22 - Time Machine-1980 Air Date 7-21-14

Roman celebrates the 80's with the first installment of the 80's Prog Extravaganza!
Relive the progressive rock of the 80's along with movies, news, sports and NO stupid 80's phrases of any kind.

Episode 21 - It's About Time Air Date 7-8-14
Roman is back with new music from Strunz And Farah. Plus a rare track from Jon And Vangelis,
an old favorite from Roger Waters, plenty of Celtic Music and Music News too.
This episode was recorded over a three week span because Roman
is just that busy. Or lazy. Or something.

Episode 20- That Hairball Is My Son Air Date: 3-10-14 Roman's son, Ryan, has been exploited for free labor.
Not only does Roman make him write out playlists, enter CDs,
double check shows and do the dishes but now he is doing Music News as well.

Episode 19 - The Book Of Love - The Valentine's Day Special Air Date: 2-01-14

Roman gets all sappy and creates his first holiday episode.

Cozy up with someone special (or, at least, someone willing)

and enjoy the Roman’s World St. Valentine’s Day Special

Episode 18 - Under The Covers    Air Date 1-18-14​ 

Not only is this show entirely made up of cover tunes but

Roman has managed to re-create Peter Gabriel's SO album with all covers.

Check out this very interesting episode of Roman's World.

Episode 17 - The 90125 Celebration with Jon Anderson   Air Date 12-29-13​  Jon Anderson is back and celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic album 90125. 
Sit in with Roman and Jon as they talk about the songs, the times and the tour. Also check out new music from Alan Parsons and Peter Gabriel.

Episode 16 - I Roman    Air Date 10-15-13​  The legendary Alan Parson visits Roman's World to celebrate the 35th anniversary of I Robot. 

Episode 15 - Ravens & Lullabies & Giant Insects That Attack My Wife    Air Date 10-3-13​  Once again our good friend Oliver Wakeman visits Roman for a look at his latest CD on this Special Edition of Roman’s World

Episode 14 - Testing...Testing...   Air Date 8-8-13​ After a hard drive failure Roman was able to catch his wife in a good mood and got a new computer. 
This is the first show with all the new stuff.

Episode 13 - Oblio Dom   Air Date 4-15-13​ Oblivion Sun is our Featured Artist. Hear lots of great tunes from their CD "The High Places". 
Also hear Roman bitch about his car being stolen...again. Music from Bolus, I And Thou, Gaelic Storm and lots more.

Episode 12 - Endless Dreams with Jon Anderson   Air Date 3-18-13​ Click here to listen on Soundcloud In this episode Roman's talks with Jon Anderson about football, Auto-Tune, Glee and, of course, music.
Plenty of Jon Anderson tunes along with Mark Knopfler, Bolus, Soma7
and brand new music from our good friend Oliver Wakeman.

Episode 011 - Don't Wake Up The Baby Air Date 2-25-13 Roman's Featured Band is House Of Not. Also, the world wide debut of the new Soma 7. 
Julie Fowlis, I and THOU, Roger Hodgson and more..

Episode 010 - Back From The Edge Air Date 12-30-12 In this episode Roman is back from a major system melt down. 
Fortunately, his producer, Paul Doty, knows a thing or two about meltdowns.

Episode 009 - Wonderous Stories   Air Date 9-14-12​ In this episode Roman is reading a bedtime story to his daughter. 
Come for the story, stay for the soundtrack.

Episode 008 - The Prog Collective   Air Date 9-3-12 Our good friend Billy Sherwood returns to Roman's World to talk about his latest project "The Prog Collective"

Episode 007 - Squack This! The Steve Hackett Interview   Air Date 8-19-12​ 

The legendary guitarist, Steve Hackett, visits Roman's World.

Also tunes from Bad Haggis, David Gilmour, Jon Anderson and Thomas Dolby.

Thomas Dolby? Yes, Thomas Dolby.

Episode 006 - Cats and Goats   7-26-12​ New prog from Alan Reed, Six Elements and Airbag. 
​Also awesome Celtic music from Shooglenifty and you must check out Manooghi Hi!

Episode 005 - Music I Stole From My Brother   Air Date 7-9-12​ New music from Trevor Rabin, live Peter Gabriel, Celtic music from Avalon Rising and lots more stuff 

Episode 004 - Chasing The Hound​ - The Oliver Wakeman Interview   Air Date 6-22-12​ Roman has an in-depth interview with Oliver Wakeman.
Also music from Flying Colors, Strunz and Farah and Gaelic Storm.

Past Episodes Of Roman's World

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  • #01 You're Entering Roman's World55:37

  • #02 The Billy Sherwood Interview48:16